Saturday, 28/5/2022 | 10:18 UTC+0

From One Problem to Another

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The recent AC repair in Queens that I had done in my home was quick and painless. I got in touch with a company that was recommended to me by a close friend who had recently called them to replace her air conditioner. For some reason, our old air conditioners stopped working at around the same time. I think there’s something about these devices that causes them to stop working at similar times. Maybe there’s some kind of planned obsolescence that the company puts in, or maybe the parts are just made to last that long. Either way, I needed help, and the company was able to provide it.

The company came over in the morning to look at my air conditioner to get an idea of what was wrong with it. It could have been just about anything, from one of the fan motors, to a capacitor, to something wrong with the coolant. I didn’t know how to repair an air conditioner, but I at least knew about some of the parts that are used in it. The company determined that the fan motor needed to be replaced, and some more coolant needed to be added to the system. This didn’t take long for them to do, but I offered them some refreshments just out of hospitality.

Once the repair was done, I turned the air conditioner down, sat in my favorite chair in my living room, turned on the television, and watched my favorite television show. Just as things were getting good, the cable went out. I called the cable company and they told me that there was a network outage going on in the area, and it would be fixed in a couple of hours, which I didn’t like. It seems like something always goes down when you need it.